Caffè Sicilia Noto since 1892

Discover a selection of our products through our online shop.
"The laboratory, the heart of Caffè Sicilia", remains active for the production of preserves, nougat, mielarò, dried fruit, pasta reale, candied fruit peels and biscuits. From today we ship across Europe. You can pickup in store your purchase.



Since 15th of March, Caffè Sicilia will be open again.

12th January 2024


Caffè Sicilia will be close for holidays from 6th of November to 19th of December.

5th November 2023


Since 24th of March, Caffè Sicilia will be open again.

10th January 2022

Pickup in store

If you were in Noto, you could choose to pick up the products ordered on our shop directly at Caffè Sicilia. At Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 125 - Noto (SR) - 96017. From Monday to Saturday, between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

10th July 2020

Shipments across Europe

From today we ship across Europe. Visit our shop

1st July 2020

Shop Online

From today you can find online the Caffè Sicilia's Shop. Discover a selection of our products, preserves, nougat, mielarò, dried fruit, pasta reale, canditi and biscuits. Visit our shop.
At the moment we ship onli within Italy, but soon deliveries will be available for the rest of Europe.
We will keep you updated from here.

29th June 2020

We have decided to close until the spring of 2021.

We wish to take this time to reorganize the space and equipment dedicated to the production and the service of our guests.
To all of you who follow us, who have visited us, and are looking forward to visiting us in the future, we express our heartfelt gratitude.
Welcoming you at Caffè Sicilia has always been our passion and a source of joy.

12th June 2020


Adapting to current government provisions, in application of the anti Covid-19 legislation.
We will keep you updated from here.

31th March 2020

Chef's Table Season 4 - Episode 2

Documentary about the life of Corrado Assenza and of Caffè Sicilia.

5th May 2018

Pizzeria Apogeo - PietrasantaVia Pisanica, 136

19th March - Four handed evening - Corrado Assenza and Massimo Giovannini.

18th January 2020

Identità Golose - MilanMiCo - Milan Congressi Centre - Via Gattamelata, Gate 14

7th/9th March - Corrado Assenza to the sixteenth edition of Identità Golose congress.

Saturday 7th March, 10:50 am · HALL AUDITORIUM · Sense of responsibility - Responsibility towards one’s own territory.

Sunday 8th March, 11:15 am · HALL BLU 2 · Italian Contemporary Pastry - in collaboration with Petra® Molino Quaglia and Valrhona.

Sunday 8th March, 12:45 pm · HALL AUDITORIUM - Sense of responsibility - Perigolosi: Corrado Assenza with Massimiliano and Raffaele Alajmo.

18th January 2020

Identità Golose - MilanVia Romagnosi, 3

12th/15th February - Savoury and sweet cuisine by Corrado Assenza. Four dinners entirely curated and created with the restaurant brigade.

18th January 2020

Facciamo cose buone - Eataly Turin Lingotto Via Nizza 230/14

27th January, 7:00 pm - Charity dinner on occasion of the Eataly foundation anniversary: the sweet.
Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Piedmontese Foundation for Cancer Research - Candiolo, in favor of the Candiolo Institute - IRCCS.

18th January 2020

The flavor of dreams: happy birthday Federico - RiminiRessi room of the "Amintore Galli" Theater

21th January - Many handed dinner dedicated to the Maestro.
On the occasion of the 100 years since the birth of Maestro Federico Fellini.

18th January 2020
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