Connection between Noto and N.Y.C.

22th December 2018


My Goddaughter,

told me to watch a show called "Chef's Table". I reluctantly watched the first time and now have watched at least six times.

I had to meet this fascinating man. Now that I have, he did not disappoint.

The trip from N.Y.C. was worth it just to get to spend time with the great Corrado.

Doc Dougherty


(I am the Goddaughter)

There are three things I cannot resist - delicious food, intense passion and a good story. For me, making food for others connects the three.

I love to cook, and I love that I share that joy with so many others.

Food is connection. Connection to people - strongers and loved ones - connection to nostalgia and tradiction, connection to the earth and connection to the mind.
Thank you for sharing your stories with the world and for taking the time to make the connection to my family today.

I feel so blessed to have met you in person after watching your story about 7 times on Netflix.
You inspire me to continue to find my passions in the culinary world and beyond.

Carson Levine

P.S. Let me now if you ever need a little American girl to be your sous chef.
If you are ever in N.Y.C., you have a place to stay and a kitchen to cook.