Antonio Taglietti

Special request for a woman in love

10th June 2018


Good morning mister Corrado,
I am Antonio Taglietti, in love. I'm writing to you from Treviso, where I live. I am 36 years old, my father is from Sciacca, my mother from the Treviso province.

At the beginning of last September I was lucky enough to spend five days with Amanda, beauty from Campania that I love. We had a wonderful time in Noto and Amanda fell madly in love with Caffè Sicilia: staying at those tables, mornings and evenings, we had the pleasure to taste your sweets while Amanda was gifting me her most authentic and inspired smiles. I confess that the image of this memory still touches me.

We will return to Noto soon, from the 23rd to the 26th of November: I guarantee that the main reason of our trip will be to visit Caffè Sicilia again. Being willing to organize something special for those days I have contacted the Caffè and I was informed by a kind lady that, for our great misfortune, your Caffè will be closed until the beginning of December. You cannot imagine the sorrow that this news has given me, really a blow to the heart.
For this reason I decided to write you. At this point, however, I do not know where to start.
Therefore I would like to tell you a short anecdote that will help you understand with a smile how lucky I am to be next to Amanda.

The first morning at the Caffè she saw your fresh fig cake on display: there were three or four slices left. Amanda, discreetly as she is, kept quiet and tasted something else, she tasted a lot. The next day, a couple of slices remained.

Amanda waited: she tried more of something else. On the third day, the fig cake was almost finished, a single slice was left. Amanda smiled and enjoyed herself with other delicacies. On the fourth day, in the showcase the fresh fig cake was ready for Amanda, in its full beauty. Amanda treated her piece of cake with infinite delicacy and entertained herself with what was a treasure that she had conquered and achieved. Only then did she tell me that she had loved your fig cake since that first day.

Here it is, mister Corrado. You might understand and imagine what Amanda’s love is able to place in the world and how lucky I am to witness it. So, mister Corrado, to you who is the creator of a form of love so understandable to the woman I love, I am inclined to ask you for a personal favor. I do not know if in the days from the 23rd to 26th of November you will be away from Noto or will be nearby; I do not even know how far I can go in asking you the courtesy to meet you, to know you, to invite you to dinner with us, to make sure that Amanda does not have to suffer for the misfortune given by the circumstances that bring us to Noto in days in which your beloved Caffè Sicilia will be closed ... smiling it comes to my mind that I could ask you for a nice cake, maybe not figs since it's not season eh!

In short, Mister Corrado, I am available to any possibility, to gift Amanda the experience of Caffè Sicilia even during the closing period.

I am grateful to you for reading and I kindly ask you to answer me, to offer me a solution that relieves me from this impasse.

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